Pixhawk + SPI

Question from a newb:  what exactly is a SPI in the context of the Pixhawk?  I see a sensor connection labeled SPI but am not sure what that might be for.  For that matter - is there a reference or manual available for download on the Pixhawk?


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    SPI is just one of the data standards that Pixhawk supports for external sensors (along with CAN and I2C and serial). Most sensors these days are I2C and CAN, but there are a few, such as digital airspeed sensors, which are SPI. The Pixhawk manual is here

    • Hi Chris, 

      the link you have provided doesn't work. Is there anywhere else I can look to figure out how to add an external sensor to the spi port and get the data transmitted back through mavlink.

      Thanks in advance

      -Rai Gohalwar

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