Pixhawk Thinking Tarot 650 Yaw Hard Twitch

Hi Everybody,
my Tarot 650 quad twitches a lot on the yaw axis when it is still on the ground, but when I do the motor/compass interference test, the motors run very smoothly without any noticeable shaking!
please may you help me with the mighty cause, is it yaw rates or stabilize rates..?
thx in advance

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  • If it yaws when you do a quick climb that is a sign that an esc needs to be recalibrated (they must be recalibrated in unison). Yawing while on the ground could be caused by this same issue or it could be the compass. If you are taking off from a metal surface of a concrete surface that has steel reinforcing bar in it this can mess with the compass. Try taking off from grass and/or doing a compass calibration.
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Aug 25