Pixhawk twitchy YAW and not disarm on crash.

Hi everyone, hoping someone can help me with my pixhawk problems.

I just rebuilt my old quad on a new alien 560 folding frame, after much playing about getting everything CG balanced I took her out for her maiden flight today. (was a bit scary)

1st attempt:- In loiter with 12 SATS Pitched backward, hit the ground flipped over and disarmed itself.

2nd attempt:- Re-calibrated compass's In loiter 12 Sats, I took off quicker this time getting a couple meters altitude, on takeoff again pitched backwards then settled. Hoving very jittery and yaw input from trans very twitchy, kept yawing to the left and drifting backward, all stick inputs very twitchy, after a couple minutes I landed, on landing it pitched backwards one of the rear props dug into the ground and stopped spinning the other 3 props keep spinning very fast with throttle stick at 0, nothing i did would disarm the pixhawk. I had to unplug the battery to get it to stop, which is quite scary when you got 3 of the 4 15 inch carbon fiber props spinning flat out.

PID's are at default settings...

Any help would be appreciated, i'll attach the log from that flight below.. 

Flight Fottage https://youtu.be/ZdYoIcTrd8A

2016-07-24 12-40-25.rar

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