Hi guys, I know the information is proabably out there but I just can't find it. So thought I'd post.

I have setup a Pixhawk on a F450. I've been through all the setup / configuration (I think) and I get a flashing green light indicating ready to arm but I cannot arm with the Taranis transmitter (by putting throttle to bottom and right for 5s). The strange thing is I can arm through APM2 software and MavLink. Then I can throttle up and the motors will spins up.

Values show throttle is at 982, and roll at 2006 while doing this. Is there a way to setup values for the arming parameters from transmitter?

So it appears to have passed the pre-arm safety check and will arm from APM2 but not my Taranis. Any ideas or links to information I have missed?


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Well I found the problem. I'm using a Mode 1 Taranis and I'd set up the channels as per http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-LSZQk1Ya8 and when I checked the Radio config in Mission Planner it all looked ok. I figured out that I could arm by throttling back (right stick), and rudder (yaw) right (left stick). So I changed the aileron and rudder mapping around and I can arm with the right stick throttle down and right.

Now I'm confused about how the standard control should be setup. For Mode 1 would you normally have pitch (elevator) and roll (aileron) on left stick and throttle and yaw (rudder on right stick)?

Now my setup is different to whats on http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/initial-setup/configuring-hardware....

Ch1 = Rudder

Ch2 = Elevator

Ch3 = Throttle

Ch4 = Aileron

Well the good news is I had my first flight today and everything went great. I'm pretty happy with it! Just need to make sure I'm flying it correctly with throttle / yaw combo on the right stick? I don't want to learn the 'wrong' way. And need to do some more reading about tuning to get it to stop drifting everywhere.

I had a similar problem when I first setup my PixHawk - inability to thoroughly read the wiki and I got the wrong channels on the wrong PixHawk inputs. I changed mine in Planner. 

There are many different ways of setting up the Taranis and PixHawk as you have flexibility as to which stick is assigned to which function, which transmitter channel is assigned to which function and which PixHawk input is assigned to which channel. My preference would be to assign the sticks in accordance with Mode 1, assign the channel numbers to your preferred channel order (eg Futaba and JR have different standards) and then wire the receiver outputs to the required PixHawk input or wire the receiver outputs in a simple wiring order and change the inputs in the Planner.    


It should be probably noted that most commercial and military systems fly mode 2 so learning in a mode 1 world might not be the best idea.

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