Plane build help (components and terms)


Ive spent a few weeks now browsing the site, the 3dr store and hobby king. Dreaming and Drooling.

Im interested in both coptor and plane purchases..but think I might start with Plane. Ive looked at the premade 3dr plane and its interesting but then Im looking at learning to DIY it with HK also. For price and DIY experience.

So Does this make sense

Bixler2 RTF from BK (comes with every thing to get in air, + a basic 6ch transmitter)


3DR APM kit with external compass. + the GPS

First question. Telemetry vs Tx&Rx kit. Could someone explain the difference in laymans terms. From what I understand I will need both.

I was originally looking at the 3dr 433 (for NZ) set for $99. However how does that compare with any other HK models for example randomly choosing

And in regards the transmission of fps signal instead of the 3dr full fpv/osd kit what about:

This looks stronger to me ???  Do I need to get the little stand alone 3dr OSD board still

If this above makes sense and will work it will save me a HUGE amount to get the pieces as Im sending to New Zealand and the shipping from MX to NZ was very big!!!

For instance:

DIY incl postage to NZ$347 HobbyKing (plane bixler2, spare bits, telem, tx&rx) +

$325 3dr (APM kit + OSD)

Total approx $675

Buying all through 3dr store comes to over $1000 including the shipping, and I dont know if  that comes with transmitter?

Will the cheap bixler2 6ch transmitter be ok? I can upgrade to the Dx7s once I get the Copter.

Also if any of the DIY pieces could/need to be replaced for better im interested.



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  • K.

    So Ive officially entered the business with my wallet.

    Ive read heaps of posts and youTubes and ordered what I thought made sense (I could have got stuff wrong, but thats ok ..Im learning)

    I just want to check I have everything I need to at least get up in the air..

    From 3dr

    The APM Christmas kit (including Telem radio, and compass)

    From HK

    Bixler2 RTF kit. Some spare parts (prop, esc,)

    Gopro adapter to FPV

    Boscam AV kit.

    Does that sound like I have every thing?

    I was going to buy the Lipo and Charger in NZ but now looking our prices are huge. It'd be cheaper to get those from HK also. So Im thinking:

    Good Charger (I liked the Turnigy one I saw on Trent's Geek channel that can run off car battery in field and had multiple battery option)

    Batteries. (Thinking a couple for Bixler ..I guess Turnigy 3C 2200 or similar) and a couple for the copter I get later (3C 4400 or similar?) ...advise appreciated.

    If I order again from HK I might get the 9XR. I think for first transmitter its probably enough for me until heavily investing in this industry. That sound like good plan? (I liek the thogh of spektrum ..but I think that may be a purchase down the road if this all takes off )

    OSD I forgot to get from 3dr ..dang

    In terms of glue, and repairs (I expect I will need many) .what glue would I want for foam? Velcro and tape I can get from local hardware.

    Almost ready to fly


  • Ok

    Time for me to bit the bullet (so to speak) and get itno this hobby.

    I purchased the 3DR holiday offer (APM + compass + 433 telemetry for NZ) ....

    Im prob going to get the bixler2 RTF mode2, plus replaceemnt bits.

    Is there anything else Im missing. Im hoping for the first month or so I can just use the transmitter it comes with and then upgrade soon. I was about to get the DX7s off 3dr ...but out of stock :(

    Their DX8 is the non AR8000 version which I think is cheaped on otehr sites, but the DX7s seemd to be quite reasonable??

    (suggestions always welcome)

    The otehr piece Im thinking of gettign is this:

    Does make sense for a decent FPV signal set?(Im aware I need both a camera and a display unit.)

    Besides that is there anything else I need to get up flying and testing



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    Get a better transmitter, you will instantly need more channels.

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