Hello, I need a mission such that given coordinates, drone should vertically go up by 3 meters and horizontally moves 3 meter towards given direction at a time and stops at every 3 meters (and repeats the process).

Is there an api (or anything) that I could prepare automated missions for pixhawk? There are tools for circle, grid (mapping missions), text, spline etc but how could I create my own automatic waypoints?

Edit: I am NOT looking for solutions using companion computer or python running in GCS sending guided mode coordinates etc. All I need is creating a mission (mission planner - like), uploading it to pixhawk, and then using AUTO mode to execute that mission.

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nevermind, I figured out typical mission is saved in txt format and like that:

which can be created easily. In following days I will add python code for others who wish to create custom automated missions

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