Please help reading logs.

Hi Guys,

I had my Copter crash on Saturday. I am almost certain that it's some sort of fault within the hardware but i am unable to graph the logs. This is not because they are not present, but because I do not know how.

Please help me read them out.

The copter seams to have lost power to two motors on the rear right side. I am however not sure what the problem could be. i am hoping someone could look at the logs and let me know what they find.

I am hoping that I am attaching the correct file? please let me know if not so.

Thank you kind regards

2013-05-13 11-09 21.log

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  • Hi Guys,

    I think I found the problem. I am flying Futaba and this is the only copter that I have on 8 channel mode.

    I flashed the PPM encoder on Friday with the newest version and flew today. The copter is now solid with no more twitches. 

    With fixing one problem, the next crept in. As described here.

    Kind regards


  • Please help me someone

    Thanks you



  • Make sure you erase and reset your APM and then upgrade to 2.9.1b. Problems seem to follow the upgrades. 

  • The problem is most likely an electrical connection if the aircraft has been previously successful.

    If, as you suggest, a section of motors failed, the power distribution would be where I checked first.

    A week or so ago, one member found broken connection inside the heatshrink specifically at the motor connection.

    Most of us just trust the motor maker to do good job. They usually do but a cold solder joint will take time to show up. They never show up at a good time.

    Good luck and if you locate the problem, please document it here.


  • OK, the firmware loaded is for a Hex frame -- is this your configuration?


  • Hello and sorry to hear of your crash.

    HERE is the page that discusses reading logs. There is a video down the page a bit that is excellent - watch it.

    I will take a quick look. Many times more features need to be enabled to catch all the data and possible problems.

    Other recordings are turn on in the CLI. Usually we want MOTORS enabled to view the motor drive values.

    *tlog is the telemetry log and most often used for analysis but *.log could provide insight if enough features are on.


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