My rc plane components including (modem, tx, rx, camera, batteries, sensors etc) weights about 1kg. I have selected predator 74in rc plane from hobbyking.com, for my new rc plane project.

I m not sure, is this airframe good for such weight?? Kindly tell me is it right airframe for me or not??


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No. It's a very bad choice. It's a challenging build, and it's very difficult to fly (by hand and by non-experts with Autopilot) it would carry the weight, yes, but for anyone asking any questions about this airframe: stay away.

If you really understand the implications of this very high aspect wing design, and high wing loading, know what those terms mean, and how to fly something that tip stalls badly at every turn, then you can safely ignore my perspective.
It's an even worse idea for you. Building predator-models isn't recommended in your part of the world... Not that you really need to worry about casing a public panic, unless you are a very good pilot and builder/tuner, it isn't going to stay in the air long...
We'll i m not building the airframe. I just want to buy that plane, put my equipment into it and fly it. So would you tell me, is this airframe (predator 74in rc plane) is able to carry 1kg of equipments?

Tanx for ur suggestions.


Yes, it will carry 1kg of payload, it will fly, (very fast) and as Mike says would probably not last that long, there are other airframes that would be a better choice. The main thing to look for is wing area if available.

1kg is quite a lot to carry, plus battery, motor etc.

Better choices:

The Bixler (http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__24474__Hobbyking_Bixler_...)

The Sirius: (http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__27133__Skywalker_Sirius_...)

Sky Hunter: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__42722__SkyHunter_FPV_UAV...


I am about to finish a Reaper build -- what a toad. Do Not Buy.

I am not the model owner but got interested in the project after the owner gave up on it due to quality issues.

Any of the 'real drone' models are just for semi scale look, not UAV use or experimentation. There are several YouTube videos where the wing fails in flight. NightFlyer Dave did get one in the air and landed safely.

As Michael Pursifull says, it is a very bad choice.


Hey tanx for help.... But, tell me why it will fly fast and will not last longer ?????

Heavy and small wing area = fast, otherwise it will stall and crash.

Not last long because you have to fly it fast, which is not easy and you will have to try fly slow to land.

Another good choice for 1kg payload: http://www.bananahobby.com/5-ch-blitzrcworks-super-sky-surfer-rc-sa...

What is meant by flying weight??? Is it the weight the airframe can carry??

Flying weight is total weight of aircraft ready to fly including everything, eg battery, motor, ESC, servo's, etc but without...

...Payload, is the extra weight an airframe can carry comfortably eg camera, OSD, video transmitter etc.

A plane with a flying weight of 2kg probably should be able to carry 500g payload but it depends if the plane is overweight to start with.

A Boeing 747 can carry 100+ tons payload but a Cessna 182 can only carry a few 100kg. The 747 has lots of power and flies really fast.

thanks alot, you saved me days by providing very useful info. 

please suggest me an airframe, with landing gear / wheel similar to predator airframe. because i want to attach my boscam hd19 camera beneath the cockpit just like real drones.

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