Point and shoot camera with video out?

Is there a point and shoot camera that has video out like the go-pro?  I currently use the gopro video out to send back video of what I am taking a pictures of.  I am looking to upgrade to a camera that takes nicer pictures than the GoPro but still need to be able to see what I am shooting and not be shooting blind.  Unfortunately my camera mount is only big enough to accept a point and shoot style not a DSLR camera.  The camera does need to have a continious shooting mode or be able to accept the CHDK firmware.  I have been searching for a couple days on different forums with no luck.  Anybody have any ideas?

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  • Better use Canon camera.

  • 300km

    I don't know if the S100 is actually better, I'm a lot more comfortable sending the S100 out on longer missions I guess.

    It's lighter which is an advantage for longer missions, and it's half the price.

    It does have GPS which can be useful for stitching depending on your software.

    • That makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing, moglos.

      While I'm picking your brain, what gimbal do you use? do you like it?

  • Hi Moglos,

    I have the same question as you? Did you find a solution for triggering the camera and getting video out for FPV at the same time?

    - Rick

    • 300km

      No I haven't found a solution. I have put a separate board cam beside the S100 for FPV view. 

      • Right. That would work well - they're tiny.

      • 300km

        But I also have a Sony NEX5 and that works great with live vid and triggering. You need a HDMI to analog converter. That adds about 1.5cm of width so the extra space means it might not fit on your gimbal.

        • I've heard good things about the NEX5. Mostly that they're high resolution means fewer shots from higher altitudes. I've also read some have had issues with the NEX5 not being capable of capturing large numbers of shots in rapid succession (as required for mapping).

          Have you had any issues with your NEX5?

          Would you recommend the S100/board cam or the the NEX5/video converter?

          • 300km

            No prob with the NEX, I love it. I've read that in auto focus mode using a HDMI converter you can have periods where it takes a long delay between images (you should google it to get the details, it is only in specific situations). I've used it for marketing shots and haven't noticed any delays even in auto focus.

            I use the S100 for mapping, but I don't use the board cam with it for that application. You don't need a live view for mapping.
            • Thanks for all of your quick replies, moglos. I find all of this very interesting.

              What makes the S100 better than the NEX5 for mapping?

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