"Point Camera Here" in Guided mode not working


I just want to ask if the option "Point Camera Here" is already implemented. I am using APM2.6 with Quadcopter (X) with FW 3.0.1. The 2 previous commands "Fly To Here" and "Fly To Here Alt" rised with right clicking on map in "FLIGHT DATA" tab are working ok.

What I was expecting from "Point Camera Here" (shortly PCH) is that the Quad will be heading to requested point during all movements in Guided mode. But it seems that something is wrong. By the first test, first "Fly To Here" (shortly FTH) attempt with previous selection of PCH the Quad was moving sideways. But all other attempts clicking new FTH, the quad turned directing to new goal waypoint and fly directly to it. And I never repeated what happened in first attempt.

Am I doing something wrong? Does somebody else successfully tested the PCH functionality? When yes what is the setup (MCB,FW,GCS)? Or which MAVLink message is used for PCH?



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    • I found that ROI is working only in Auto mode. In Guided we found there an issue in the APM code, that is disabling auto yaw regulation. Not tested yet, bacause of bad weather, but will post here the results

      • Any results from the tests?  The auto on mine has issues a lot and it would be nice to have a controlled reference to fly in pos/hold, or loiter.  My auto randomly has issues going to the first wp after I have it take-off. 

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