Hi All,

I had a crash with my hexcopter and I have been diagnosing the problem. I decide to run through the setup again and I discovered that the compass was not working and this would explain the problem. As it was a new board and compass I decided to investigate further.

I have plugged the GPS and compass into another airframe that has the same APM, same firmware, same everything. The external GPS module works fine. When I plug the working GPS module from the sister board into the APM that crashed, the compass will not calibrate and I get a bad compass health warning.

I have attached the compass configuration sphere images so you can see the problem. Does anyone know what fault on the board would cause this problem?

Board 1 - APM that doesn't work with working GPS module

Board 2 - APM that is exactly the same as board 1, also with working GPS module.

Thanks in advance

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Maybe one of the APM is a 2.5 and the otjer is 2.6 ?  Version 2.5 needs to cut a connection on the main board to disable the onboard compass. 2.6 has no onboard compass.

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