Has anyone had any issues completing an equivalent exchange?  A support rep named "Casey Zamora" at 3DRobotics had promised me an equivalent exchange for my rattling transmitter then just tries to file an RMA instead without addressing the equivalent exchange promise?  I even have his statements in e-mail and I quote them in reply.  However the quotes and links I give them are simply not addressed in response.  Has anyone else had similar issues?  How did you handle it?  Is 3DRobotics support simply becoming another DJI?  Should I just fix it myself and ignore the (seemingly worthless) warranty?

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      • So after this whole ordeal, I get this e-mail from the "support team" offering me $50 credit for my troubles. But when I reply accepting the reimbursement they are never to be heard from again. And they will not respond to me by any means.

        Professionalism at its finest! LOL


      • Lol, nice...

        To add to my comments above.  I finally decided to call 3DR when after 2 weeks my account still stated 'order complete' and 'pending payment'.  It turns out my payment had to be 'verified' so the order was just sitting in limbo and I guess 3DR is too busy to deal with this on their own.  This happened even though I DID provide verification on a previous order from a couple months earlier!  After I was on the phone for 20mins or so of back'n'forth between parties inside 3DR it was finally decided that my previous verification would be sufficient for this order?!

        At any rate, even after this was all done, it still took another 3 days for the shipment to actually go out?!?!

        I then asked the fellow I was talking to, who by the way was helpful and did what he could to resolve the situation, how could I avoid this in the future.  He indicated that right after I place an order online, I should call in to verify the order.  HUH ?!?!?  I might as well just call the order in then?

        With the Solo's hitting Best Buy, and more 3DR distributors popping up online it sure looks like they are trying to get out of the direct-sell business model.  When I asked the fellow on the phone if the Solo's were now shipping he indicated yes, and my best bet was to purchase one from Best Buy.  That pretty much said it all.

        Just my $0.02


    • Im going thru the same situation with 3dr. Been waiting on some long legs and some thumb screws for my x8 for a month.Couple times I emailed tech support in the morning and got a reply that same day. But now that the solo is being rolled out, its putting a huge strain on them. And from viewing some of the forums, the solo has some issues that 3dr. had to deal with.
      I guess we all need to be patient with 3dr...but its tuff!
  • On the first attempt to fly the drone it operated somewhat normal but then suddenly took off into the air hovered for a while and stopped responding to the controller. After a few seconds it  flew away very quickly. Any attempt to stop this action by the controller was off no use as the drone did not respond to the controller.Here is a video of piece of the first flight, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tvQV5ePGxg 

    I tried resolving the matter with the company 3DR Robotics but I do not feel the matter was properly dealt with and they cannot properly explain why the Drone stopped responding to the controller.

    • Im finding out that the 3dr Iris and the x8 I bought was not ready to fly right out of the box. I did not have the catastrophic fly away like you had buy very poor hovering in loiter mode. I had to calibrate the compass, accelerometer, radio and escs AND make sure the newest firmware was installed in the iris. After I did all that it flies fine. I figured the compass was calibrated in china which is not that close to my house!! Not sure if that matters, but after doing the compass calibration it loitered much better.

      As far as customer service goes, 3dr makes an attempt at helping you but tends to fall short. I have better luck asking around on this site and having guys read my flight logs. You must connect to mission planner either thru wireless or usb cable to perform the calibrations and access your flight logs.

      Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and I would not fly your iris until you do all the above calibrations..

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