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I have a SF 9DOF Razor IMU with the supplied SF firmware connected and talking to my PC via a FTDI card and USB cable. I tried a Bluetooth link but the supply of data to Python was not consistent causing Python to lock up. I have tinkered with the Python interface to work with the SF firmware and it now displays the raw magnetometer XYZ outputs (not Euler angles).  


Now I am trying to port the AHRS code to work on the Razor IMU with AVR Studio 4 and Webbotlib, which I shall publish with all source code iaw the requirements of the GNU licence. I have made good progress but I am having trouble with the low level Read_Accel() function. With Webbotlib most of the low level coding for the control of hardware and data flow is carried out automatically and transparently to the coder. Is there a high level flow or function diagram available for the AHRS firmware that will give me an appreciation of what the code is trying to do?


Alternatively, does anyone knows if an AVR/Webbotlib version of the AHRS code exits or if anyone else is working on one?



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