Possibilty to search for a Map location in the MP


i have a idea for a new feature in the Mission planner.
I mostly use the Google Hybrid Map, which does show city names and street names.

Now, if i am going to my flying field (about 30 miles away from my home location) i want to have the map there with me in the mission planner too. i have no internet connection at the field.

So i use the prefetch function. but each time, i have to scroll around on the map, trying to find the field location.

Couldn't a search field be incorporated, where i write "street blablabla, san francisco" and the map jumps to the location? Basically just like using google maps, searching for a location.

That would be a handy little feature...


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  • Developer

    im adding a zoom to button, that shoudl take care of this

  • Agreed. Search is needed.

  • This is a great Idea i also have two points where I flight and I also have to search it. A button with favorite points will be quite nice.

  • Developer

    the easiest way is to turn on a map that has road and city names

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