Possible APM hardware problem

So I received my larger motors and 12x6 props today, and after the last crash I didn't have any more 10x4.5 props, so I put on the bigger motors and props.


I am using ArduPirates NG code, and I was successfully able to hover the quad in arco mode before it crashed in stable GPS hold mode.


I went into the configurator and I decided to increase the PID value for Pitch P=2.0 and Roll P=2.2, I held the quad


I pitched and rolled the quad and found that the quad resisted my movements, which I suppose is what it is supposed to do.


I did notice on the flight data something strange, the gyro pitch values weren't 0 and was randomly going from 0 to 400 and never staying the same, so I put in a correction of 0, observed the gyro pitch value go to -2030 which is able normal, then I put in the coorection of 2030, but that didn't fix the problem.


I disconnected and connected the battery a few times, without fixing the problem.


This has never happend before, and I hadn't touched any configs or code besides the PID.


Silly my ignores this anormally, takes teh quad outside and as soon as I arm the motors, the quad banks hard right and ends up upside down.


With the issues of the rear motor not functioning on output 4, and randomly powering up even when the motors are unarmed, I am beging to think its a hardware problem with the APM

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    Throwing away my APM because output 4 seemed fault was a good solution, but I suspect that the root cause was this


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    My new APM boards arrived, and after loading the same code onto them, output 4 works fine.  My old APM board must have a hardware problem, into the bin.  Problem solved.
  • are you talking about the gyro or the accelerometer data?

    you can't change gyro offsets by hand....


    is the IMU board damaged in some way?

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    Decided to try something a bit different, loaded up ArduCopter NG, reset factory settings and did the cli setup with the rear motor connected to the standard output 4.


    This time and for the first time, the motor test was successful on all 4 motors with the rear motor plugged in the standard port.  In the past I had to plug the rear directly into output 5 rather than the power distro board.


    So I switch the APM into flight motor and disconnected and reconnected the battery.  I am the motors and start applying throttle, all motors increase RPM.  I then start moving the pitch and roll stick, but response from the motors, just throttle is responding, very strange, then the rear motor stops.  So I disconnect and reconnect the battery, but this time the front, right and left motors respond correctly to all commands, and the rear motor doesn't start, I connect the rear motor to the right motor ESC and it works.


    I then notice the rear ESC is getting quite hot, alot hotter than the rest of the ESCs.


    I get a spare ESC and connect it to the rear power distro, and it gets hot straight away.


    This is getting really annoying, any suggestions welcome.

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