Can anyone tell me the best way to drone deliver packs of cigarettes or cigars from a 200-250 foot drop? Possible reward for best response.

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I hope its not for delivering cigarettes in jail .....

No think angry wives trying to get husbands to stop smoking

the same way you can program arducopter very easily to snap photos in specific waypoints even beyond line of sight you can program it to operate a simple servo mechanism at specific waypoints..

A potato cannon would be efficient but noisy. A catapult might be better. Bow and arrow is another alternative. There's nothing more for you to see here, just move along ... 

Sergios. Do you think a cigarette delivery business would fly? Per set?
You don't think this would have a fun novely interest? I think it would be funny.

You've finally hit on something it is actually illegal to do - maybe!

In the US, it is actually illegal to drop anything out of an aircraft.

They used to do it all the time pamphlets, flyers, even the odd turkey (fictional and a really bad idea).

Even the US Airmail at one time was actually dropped out of an airplane flying overhead in rural areas.

They even used to cull overpopulated wild animal herds this way.

But these days I'm not even sure it's legal to spit out the window of your Piper Cub.

Now for the maybe part, it's not clear that model planes are aircraft in any legal sense and the only existing precedent - Trappy's case so far indicates they aren't.

But I wouldn't go to far with that.

Actually RC bomb and parachute drops have been popular events for years, even AMA sanctioned I believe (bombs are plastic or cardboard and have talcum powder in them so not actually a threat).

With any luck the FAA won't try to make an example out of you, although judging from the unlikely targets they have been picking lately (volunteer search and rescue organizations) I wouldn't count on it.

Please note sarcasm for FAA.

When I was a kid they had this really great back yard catapult powered by bungee cords, it was for launching water baloons, of course they were eventually launching rocks (it could throw them 4 or 5 blocks too) nowhere in the neighborhood was safe.

(Till the kids father found out and turned it into kindling).

Maybe you can find one of those on EBay.

Thank you for your detailed response! You don't think this would be a humorous delivery? A cigar b y parachute? Take care

14 CFR 91.15 Dropping objects

No pilot in command of a civil aircraft may allow any object to be dropped from that aircraft in flight that creates a hazard to persons or property. However, this section does not prohibit the dropping of any object if reasonable precautions are taken to avoid injury or damage to persons or property.

Legal until you hurt someone.

Hi Mike, It was actually intended to be a humorous reply, unfortunately in Canada and at least some other places they are doing delivery of contraband to prisons mostly cigarettes and they are not amused.

This is all about being a humorous novelty delivery. Also think solution to nagging from significant others. I mean a parachute with a cigar delivery would be funny! Respects.

Though UAV's have been ruled to not be "aircrafts" according to the Pirker case.  So it doesn't matter anyway.

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