Well I had my first NASTY crash, I figured there should be a thread on drone crashes to help ease the pain.

I tried the Follow Me mode on my 3DR Iris+ and it didn't go so well.

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This thread is a brilliant idea Justin. Apart from the entertainment value this could be a superb study in modes of failure of UAVs. From your video it looks like some type of ground and obstacle avoidance override would have been effective in preventing this crash.

This is an old one but educational and entertaining. Is a homemade APM Tricopter. This is how I learned the hard way never to have a servo and the APM share a power source. I've learned so much since then. The HD camera separated and captured great images of the carnage. It's been rebuilt and flies great
This is a Twinstar that stalled during autotuning, resulting in a nice spin. I recovered it with Manual. This is dedicated to those guys who don't think they need Manual mode.

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