Postion Hold not engaging..

I have been trying to reach someone who might know my problem by posting on my own discussion thread in "miscellaneous"   on my profile page. I haven't gotten very many suggestions or ideas, so maybe this is a better category.   (except for test flights, I am grounded)

What can prevent the APU (Pixhawk) from entering Position Hold mode (3.2 and 3.2.1r1) when it has been set correctly in mission planner mode setup???

  Before you ask my GPS status, I will tell you I only test or attempt to go into a GPS mode when my HDOP is less that 2.  Also, the mode switch will successfully change to RTL, or Loiter (although In loiter, the copter will yaw back and forth of seemingly no reason.  switching to Postion Hold does change the PWM output into the proper range, but the indicate mode remains the mode that I switch out of before electing Pos.

in the Flash logs I repeatedly see a Mode-error 8 and It seems to me that the compass always seems to show the copter in mission planner as turned 15 dg or more to the left from the true alignment of the frame.

What gives?   I think the Mode errors are when I switch to PostionHold.

I have a log and param file in my post here:

This log was recorded while doing a few tests at a field near my office and was pretty brief.. It was to try and get data into the log so the clues would hopefully answer some questions. I switch from Stable and to position hold, and back a number of times, and also switch to loiter several times. Even though I switched to position hold, it never really activates it.

Thanks in advance for any help. I don't know what to try next!


the most current logs are at the bottom but lots of information earlier in the thread.

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  • I don't know what the next step is;

    I cannot get Position Hold to work..

    it is set up correctly, but when I switch to it, nothing happens 

    except in the flash log I get an error:  (err: FLIGHT_MODE-8)  



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