I am looking to build an arducopter pretty soon. I have a complete setup right now that has a Kapteinkuk board in it that I will swap out for the ardu stuff.


Do I need the power distribution board? I usually solder my own power harnesses for other platforms. I thought I saw somewhere that you can't connect all 4 ESCs with their power leads on the servo connectors to the ardu boards. Is that correct? 

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     Yes, I believe the official advice is that if you want to directly connect the servo wires coming out of the ESCs to the APM you at least need to cut the red and black wires on 3 of the 4 ESCs leaving only the white wire.  My understanding is that if you don't do this, there's some concern that there will be issues with the regulators on each ESCs as they try to maintain slightly different volatages (i.e. no two voltage regulators will every produce exactly the same voltage).

Thanks, don't really want to cut any wires on my ESCs rendering them useless (unless I repair them).


I guess I could also just flip 3 of the servo connectors upside down so that only the signal pin is plugged in and the power leads aren't plugged into anything?

Just pull the wire out of the plug and tape it up.
Or if you have heat shrinktube, put the plug in tube and shrink it. Tape always leaves nasty glue stains on those wires/connectors.

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