Power Failure : 2.9.1b Crashes Quad twice. Log Analyzation help

Hello All.

I'm looking for some assistance analyzing the log files to explain some recent crashes. 

Logs - http://www.filedropper.com/arducrash

After upgrading my quad to 2.9.1b I have been running multiple tests at the local field. For the most part the tests have gone pretty well, however I've had two mysterious crashes and I'm puzzled as to why. I've included the two crashes and one successful mission in the link above. 

I'm testing the apm on a quad before determining if I should put it on my larger octo for aerial mapping. I prefer Mission Planner software over the DJI Ground Station software and find the APM to be more accurate than the DJI system when flying waypoints. 

I flew approximately 5 successful missions before each crash. The crashes were similar... the quad dropped like a rock after its final waypoint. 

Any help or insight is greatly appreciated. 

My setup.

-custom quad frame -axi 2820/14 motors -Turnigy Plush 60a Esc's -12x3.8 APC slow Flyer Props



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Here are the Logs

You have the Vcc 'noise' issue. The code loaded has a bug in it that does not log the Vcc value correctly. You should have a nice flat (mostly) 5.1V value. This Y axis is voltage in millivolts.

This was discussed in HERE a couple weeks ago.

The solution was another build located somewhere else...it may have been sorted out by now.

I will look over other aspects of the log but this was the first thing to address.


There is an issue with the battery voltage between the 'good' flight and the 'crash' flights... 

I don't think the 3DR module is at fault unless something went bad in it.

The lowest pic only shows 5.5 V and less. The negative spike is very bad but overall it should be around the flat area of the top graphic.


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