Power for analog pins (servos for roll/tilt, sonar, etc)


On a 3DR quad arducopter, I am powering the APM2.5 with JP1 off and using the 5v input from the 3DR power module BEC (connects through the voltage measurement port).

This powers , If I understood correctly, all of the APM2.5 boards including the Analog I/Os pins and the input pins.

The maximum power delivery of the 3DR power module is 5,37V x 2,25 Amps. I wonder if this will be sufficient power if I connect two servos for the roll/tilt camera stabilization on the Analog I/o pins number 10 & 11 ?

If this is not enough power, how can I feed more power to these analog pins ?


Tx for help and experience on this,


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  • MR60

    Thx a lot that makes it clearer.

  • Hugues,

    I power the camera stabilization servos from a separate ESC - APM is pwered, like you, from the 3DR power module.  I also filter the +5v with a 50 uf and a .1 uf cap for good measure., but you probably don't need to.  Not worrying about my servos affecting the APM in any way just gives me peace of mind.  As Bll said, I take just the signal and ground line from the APM and add the +5v from a separate ESC in a home made circuit board with the caps.


  • Developer

    I think you will have enough power. The APM is drawing unto 500mA max, the servos draw that much each when moving ie. add 1A, so you 725ma to spare. If you want a supply with more capacity, you will need not to connect the middle pin and supply the 5V from a separate BEC (aka regulator). you will only need to connect the signal line and GND from the analog connection. (you always need a common ground)

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