Power thru APM to servos etc


Just reading up thru the manual a bit more and got to the part about the power module.

At the moment Im just testing (not flying yet sob) a simple Flying Wing (One of Trents Raptor140s actually)

I have the apm2.6 with power module.

So at the moment I have the J1 jumper out.

Plug the ch1,2,3 from receiver in inputs for elevons, throttle

Plug the output 1,2 to the servos, and 3 to the esc -> motor

These are all using standard 3 pin servo leads.

So looking at this configutarion all the power to the servos at least, must travel in thru the APM power module?

Or is it coming in thru the cable connected to esc on the ch3 output pins?

Is this ok for this simple configuration?

Is there a point when I need to become more worried about how much load Im putting on the APM/PM.  Eg adding more sensors, gimbals, camera controls etc

Ive seen images where instead of having the 3 wire servo leads there is just a single wire to a channel and then a power lead on an end channel (I think for a copters mulit power distributor?)

At what point do I need to worry about that confuration....or need to use Jumper 1?

I read the docs but still little unsure.



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  • You set it up correctly. Leaving JP1 open is the key. The ESC BEC will never make it to the APMs internals, it only powers the servo pins.
    • I see.

      So currently with JP1 out the ESC is powerign the "output" channels/pins/bar

      If I ever want to use an A0-A8 area, do I have to use the JP1 to send power across to it..or do I do the same way with an ESC BEC connected to that bar also?



      • The A pins are powered with the APM CPU, separate from the outputs. That why you should NEVER plug a servo into the A pins or you will get a brown out and reboot. Don't ask me how I know ;)
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