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Having some weird behavior I hope someone will know about.I have an APM 2 on a quad that has been working fine. Took it out today and it won't initialize. Te board just sits with the amber LED flickering. If I plug in the USB cable from the PC, the bore comes up. If I power it from the battery, it does the flickering amber LED. I power the board from a 5 volt BEC normally. I assumed it was a bad BEC, but when I checked it, it is putting out clean 5V. I tried putting on the jumper and powering the board from the ESCs, but get the same thing. It only wants to work when the USB is plugged in.Any ideas?

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  • Figured it out. 

    I swapped the APM 2 for a 2.5 I have and got exactly the same symptoms - which was doubly weird because even the power connection was different. 

    I unplugged everything and added things in one at a time.

    Turns out something is wrong with my telemetry radio (3DR 915) - when it is plugged in the board will not initialize unless the board is powered by the USB port. If I unplug it, the board works great. When I swapped the radio for a different one, it worked again. 

    Not sure how to go about trying to debug the radio, but at least now I know what happened. 

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    Is that the older APM 2.0 or a 2.5? 

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