Featuring a robust design and powerful motor, Gremsy T7 is the next level of heavy lifting gimbal for industrial applications. It is engineered with a large camera cage for payload up to 7 lbs, making it easy to handle large cameras such as Phase One iMX, Wiris GIS 320, etc.

With an eye to creating the Gremsy ecosystem, we make the HDMI Hyper Quick Release synchronized with the T7, T3V3, and S1V3 (coming soon). From now on, you are able to quickly swap among the gimbals without dismantling your system, ensuring the safety when mounting gimbals under your drone.

What’s also striking about the T7 is its ability to mount multiple cameras at once. We understand that some of our customers desire to take initiative in their setup, so T7 is designed to enable mounting the second camera by adding an extra camera slide. 

With the T7, we continue to develop an open Software Development kit that will allow users to develop flexible solutions for industrial applications, thus ensuring our customers are properly equipped for the job.

Gremsy T7 Highlights:

  • HDMI Hyper Quick Release
  • Carrying capacity up to 7lbs
  • Multiple-camera mounting with ease
  • Aux port with 9 signals
  • Robust design and powerful motor
  • Open SDK for development

Pre-order program for Gremsy T7:

If this sounds interesting to you, visit our site https://gremsy.com/gremsy-t7/  to learn more about the T7 or just drop us a line at contact@gremsy.com.

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