What that means?? sometimes i have the High GPS HDOP but in a few minuts disapear, but later i have this message:

"pre-arm mode not armable"

If i Disable the precheck, i have the same issue...

I am searching on google, but nothing... I have arducopter 3.2.1


EDIT: Issue posted on Github of ardupilot:


FIXED Response: 

That usually happens when you're trying to arm in a mode that you're not allowed to arm in like LAND or AUTO.

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Hi Maverick Stinson,
You comes to #dronecode chan ask about this and disappear.
Here is a part of the response https://github.com/diydrones/ardupilot/blob/master/ArduCopter/motor...
line 590
That could mean that something is not well calibrated on start.
Maybe you should update the software to this part of code.

Yeah its the only information that i see in the searching but everything its calibrate... so i will try recalibrate again.. but its strange

You should try to use this code and then report directly your trouble to the author.



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