So, basically, after watching a YT vid and examining a spare cell battery that I had laying around(Li-ion), I noticed someone was able to convert a battery to successfully power a drone with the proper voltage. This is great, but the problem occurred to me when I was trying to get the battery to charge.

I took the charging circuit for the original battery (, and attached that to the Li-Ion phone battery. This was fine. It was registering voltage on the multimeter, but I was testing multiple points, and they were all testing at the same thing This was ALMOST great. Right up until a few seconds later when EVEN BEING plugged in to the wall, the voltage was going DOWN. This indicated to me that the charging circuit that the drones original battery uses(For a Li-Po battery) was not adequate enough to charge the phone battery. I really need to find a charging circuit that I can just wire up the +pos and -neg leads to from the phone battery(I removed the overvoltage/charger protection board from the phone battery in order to directly expose the positive and negative leads). Soooooo......

Any ideas?

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