Preflight Calibration No Longer Working

About the release time of ArduPlane 3.5 I noticed that the Preflight Reboot Shutdown started to work.  I also noticed that the Preflight Calibration no longer works.  It had a nice "command received" message when it calibrated.

I've tried everything I could think of, unit changes, manually calibrating via parameter list, letting the bird soak to even out temperatures but of course, none of those methods are as good as the preflight calibration button was.

I am currently using 3.5.2 arduplane with a pixhawk clone (sorry 3DR, but you take too long to deliver).

I have also noticed that my airspeed CREEPS UP.  On startup it is 3-7mph and fluctuates (which is normal) but over about 30 minutes or so it DOUBLES to 11-15mph.  This will cause my bird to stall and I have destroyed expensive birds due to this very creep.

Two issues I hope are related.

Anyone know how to make this work?

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