Hallo guys,

I already have a Mavic 2 quadcopter, and am looking to build a fpv fixed wing drone, with the following requirements:

It should perform long range missions, using both radio and 4g/lte connection, stream video and be manually controllable over 4g, with a pan/tilt/zoom stabilized camera, possibly able to track a subject or a point while the aircraft is loitering, and possibly able to operate in low light conditions (for night flight), using a laptop and joistick as ground station.

A cheap made surveillance drone.

Initially i was after the parrot disco, which can be modified to fly in 4g/lte, but its small and somehow limited.

Can i build a better version, by buying a frame like the skywalker x8 (with quad support for vertical takeoffs/landings), or the believer (wich is not fitted for vtol)

What kind of equipment i need to get in order to operate the plane and the gimbal via pc in real time?


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