What would realistic ranges be for air pressure measured by a differential sensor during flight ? 
At what realistic speed , including a head wind of what speed ?

Looking for alternative differential pressure sensor,  what would the ideal range be in kPa / psi ?


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press = 0.5 * rho * v^2
press = pressure in Pa
rho = density, approximately 1.22 kg/m^3 at sea level
v = velocity in m/s

Should really have looked that up myself :)

So a max 2 kPa sensor should be good up to the 200 km/hr range at sea level. What is a simple explanation for the increase in pressure not being linear to the increase in speed (v^2 ) ?
The other end of the spectrum is also important when looking for a pressure sensor: what is the minimum speed that you can accurately measure?

I think about the impact pressure of the air as a transfer of kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is 0.5 * mass * velocity^2.


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