Problem downloading Arduplane Dataflash Logs

Hey guys, hoping is just me doing something silly, but I am having problems downloading my log files after the recent Arduplane firmware update. We had some AWESOME long range flights this weekend, and I am just gagging to see the logs.

I have been out of it for a while , so here is what I am doing : 

I am connecting the APM 2.5 via usb cable to the latest version of MP.

When I connect with flight data, it connects ok, the Flight data is displayed correctly , the AH moves like it should, I can load new missions via the planner, and change any parameter via the settings screens.

I then disconnect everything, because CLI only works on first connect, then reconnect the usb cable.

I then go to TERMINAL, and click "connect" on the top left. (APM selected).

The APM starts to talk to the terminal, I see a few lines of english , like " Com port opened" etc, but then goes into garbled mess, and CLI does not come up with a menu. (Is CLI still active in Arduplane?)

It looks almost as if mavlink data is coming through, or the baud rate is incorrect, but I have checked the baud rate as 115200. (it works in flight data, remember?

I also tried repeating the above, but NOT clicking on connect, just "Log Download" , but then the log browser appears with much garbled text and beeping.

I have tried different USB cables, Different PCs

Any ideas guys?? (Can supply screenshots if it will help)

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  • OH. MY. FrIGGIN Goodness.

    How simple can it be, one just needs to know where to look!

    Thank you so much Andreas and Randy, saved me alot of RTFM-ing. this is what happens when you work too hard and dont get enough time to play with the nice toys.


  • This is what I get if I click CONNECT

    3701885551?profile=originalAnd this is what I click if I click LOG DOWNLOAD.

    • Developer


           This page is for copter but I think the same method will allow you to download logs "using mavlink" even on plane.  You'll also need a recent version of MP with this functionality.

  • Hi Wessie,

    Hope you are well.

    There is no more CLI in Arduplane. You will have to download the log via mavlink on the flight data screen under "Data Flash logs"



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