Problem getting started with ArduCopter

Hi guys n girls.I am new in this forum, so I would like to give you a brief description of my Project. My name is Egbert and I live in northern Germany. I am flying model planes and helicopters since many years. My new project is a Flettner type helicopter and I would like to use ArduPilot as on-board electronics.So I purchased a red AP1 Board from Unfortunately the oilpan board or the AP2 was not in stock. Is the oilpan board necessary for the ArduCopter software, or can I buy it later? The test-programs work fine, but I even can´t calibrate my radio with ArduCopter. Can I modify the software, so that no search for the Oilpan would happen?Greetings from Germany and many thanks in advance, Egbert.

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  • No, you cannot fly without the Oilpan.  The Oilpan has the gyros/accels on it.

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