Hi guys n girls.
I am new in this forum, so I would like to give you a brief description of my Project. My name is Egbert and I live in northern Germany. I am flying model planes and helicopters since many years. My new project is a Flettner type helicopter and I would like to use ArduPilot as on-board electronics.

So I purchased a red AP1 Board from Lipoly.de. Unfortunately the oilpan board or the AP2 was not in stock. Is the oilpan board necessary for the ArduCopter software, or can I buy it later? The test-programs work fine, but I even can´t calibrate my radio with ArduCopter. Can I modify the software, so that no search for the Oilpan would happen?

Greetings from Germany and many thanks in advance, Egbert.

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No, you cannot fly without the Oilpan.  The Oilpan has the gyros/accels on it.

Hi Robert.

Thanks for your answer, but you perhaps have misunderstood me. I do not want to fly with AP1 only. I bought it for testing purposes only. Now I wonder if it would be better better to buy the new AP2 board instead of buying the Oilpan-board? The AP1 can I use for testing new software without sensors. Is it possible to disable the sensor-functions in ArduCopter?

Thanks again, Egbert.

I would go for AP2.  I think all the new developments will be more concentrated on it.

Ok, I think I understand.  I actually have no idea if you can even run the program without an Oilpan.  Quite possibly it will not run.

APM1 should be supported in the near future.  But at this point, I would recommend buying the APM2.  It's cheaper, and will be supported for a longer period of time.

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