Hi together

I have a problem that i didn't have before.

I have made a new hexa frame with new controllers and motors.


Controllers: 60A Hifei

Motors: A2820-6 1000kv

LiPo: 4S 5800mAh



If i want to lift of my hexa, they will made a turn into the ground. I test it 4 times. It is not the same direction, so i am absolutely confused.  I have no idea what is wrong.

I test the direction of every motor and prop twice. Also the cables from and to the board. Thats all correct. Also i watch all the settings and all works nice.


So the hexa will be a "big berta" but i have made bigger ones without any problem.


Does everyone from you can help me ?


Pictures from my hexa frame you can find here


Thx for answers

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Might seem simple but do you have the props on correct way ?


Yes for shure. That was the first that i test it.

I first use this 60A Hifei Controller. Is that possible that they work to slow ?

The motors will be good i use it also in a other project.

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