Hello, I have a probleme of communication between Ground stationb2 and  Google earth.
What is what somebody can explain etape by etape the started of GS and GE.
I receive indeed my position at  reel time in the GS but when I click on GE, me do not have the small plane in GE????
That it is necessary to make with the file. Klm???
Thank you for helping me.

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Hi Dody,
You need to tell us more about your setup before some one can help you with your issue. Tell us what auto pilot, what data radio , how is connected etc. off hand answer is yes you need KLM for earth google, there are some scripts ( python I think ) that you can search here , how do you see your position date in GS now?
Morli good evening, thank you me to help, here my hardware configuration:
Plane twinstar with ardupilot, GPS E406, telemetry in 900mhz.
Program 2.4 easyglider to charge in the ardupilot.
My PC under Vista, with grounstation B2 and Google earth 5 of installed.
Telemetry functions well between ardupilot and the groundstation, the lat and length is retransmitted correctly, the problem is when I clic on the button GE of the grounstation, GE starts but I do not have my position in real time.
I have in GE the icon ardupilote + an icon (blue plane) which flickers.
How to establish the kml link with Groundstation?
I am at your disposal for more details.
Hi Dodi,
Good evening , I am sure there was lot of talk about kml and ground station here some time back. I am not using ardupilot yet but played with GS by ( Dr.Mike and similar by Jordi) some time back. Some one developed python or some script to generate the kml files( on fly?). please look into ground station and GCS in posts for last 3 month and you will definitely find some thing useful( I tried to find it manually but could not).
I found this related link how ever . I will keep looking and post incase I find it. Meanwhile I hope some one who is using it comes online.
more link for a post on the subject
Link 2
This is the original post from Dr.Mike , look into it and explore each sub links
Hello, here what I obtain on GE, the co-ordinates is good in the file kml, but point GPS does not correspond in GE??
Hello all, I found why GE does not function with the groundstation.
In page GS Lat and Lon are marked 0,000000° instead of 0.000000°
On my 3 PC when I launch GroundStation B2 I have a comma instead of a point for position GPS.
Do you have an idea of what it is necessary to change?
Hello, finally GS and GE function oufffff.
I just changed the parameter linguistics (French in English, usa).
I espere that that will be useful for French friends of the site.

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