Arducopter Quad PDB looks wrong but is not.

Hi Guys, think I just picked up a QC issue on the Quad PDB's.

According to the instructions, the Positions of the motors are as per this picture.


I Received 8 PDB's lasdt week that look like this :

3691049356?profile=originalThe manufacture and the wiring of the board is right, but the silkscreen printing fior both + and X modes is INCORRRECT.

X mode forward should read + Mode forward, and + should read X, AND rotate 90 degrees.

Please make sure you check this and wire correctly, otherwise things will not work.


If you look at the picture closely , on this particular PDB, the Deans plug on Motor 2 was soldered on the wrong way round at the factory, (I have desoldered it and fixed it since) so best check everything with a fine tooth comb when you build.

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    The silk screening is correct. M2 is on the left for for X and is the left rear motor.

    As for the single board with an incorrectly soldered deans connector, that is a QA issue. And for any 'scratch build' it's good thing to verify what you are connecting is how you expecting it to be. Hats of to you for being diligent, it the only way when building your own. 

    That said, this board shouldn't have passed QA. By contacting 3DR about the issue a replacement board would have been sent at no cost to you.

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