Hi all,

I hope my first post don't have too much touch of a complete beginner which i am. I have tried to find advecate information but I do have som problems to understand APM tuning.

I have a DJI Flameweel clone with APM 2.6, 40Amp Escs, 920 kv motors and 1047 carbon props.

Basically it flies well with the default settings from Mission Planner, specifically in loiter. After running an autotune it runs even better in stabilize mode as well as alt hold but in loiter it becomes very sensitive. I can fly it ok but it tends to wobble a little and if there is a little wind it do begin to wobble a lot.

I do actually also have a problem with it beeing a bit unstable at land and take off where it tens to fly forward (I sort of have to "kick" it off the ground not to fplip over). I have tried auto-trim but it does not make it much better and I don't feel too confident with it.

Could it be that the forward direction and loiter work against each other and all I have to do is to trim the forward movement out? Or should I be able to get loiter working fine anyway? 

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  • I have the exact same problem
    Did you solve the problem?
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Dec 3, 2020