Problem with Mavlink on Pixhawk/Copter firmware

Hi guys I have just started using Pixhawk and I find that I can load Plane or Rover and then it will connect to Mavlink without any problem. However, with any of the copter versions, connection never happens. No mandatory panels etc. And no response. 

Tried different Macs and PC's to no avail. With battery or without. With Mission Planner or APM Planner2.

I also did some back to back tests flashing and configuring APM 2.6 and have no problems at all.

Surely Quadcopter 3.1.5 on a Pixhawk must be bug free in that regard? 

I have no idea what kind of problem could cause this. Any ideas.

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  • Have you tried restarting you computer.  Sometimes that is the only thing that works for me to get reconnected.

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