Got a Brand new PX4 PIXHAWK 4 Holybro, 
ESC is Turnigy MultiStar BLHeli-S Rev16 ESC v3
motors rctimer sl2212 920kv 
3s tattu lipo 10000 mAh

using QGC and went with Hexa x build

On powering with battery, tone is 
beep beep beep ----- beep beep beep ---- beep beep beep then immediatly ESC musical tone

ESC caliberation method does not seem to work here, i just get this same tone no matter if doing ESC calib. Motors do not move.

Lights on pixhawk:
after tone: Left side: blinking blue ACT + solid green PWR , right side: FMU, only solid green PWR

Any help will be highly appreciated as I have spent a lot of time pondering over this.
px4 firmware 1.8.1

Also is the ESC oneshot125 able to successfully pair up with Holybro px4 pixhawk 4?

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