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I am new to APM:Plane and appreciate any help I can get. I was able to maiden my flying wing today with success in manual mode (woohoo!). A few subtrim/ trims were made on my remote to keep it flying straight.

When i tried to switch to stabilize, it kept the plane's roll axis level, however, it constantly would pitch down, requiring me to continously pull up to hold altitude. I was afraid to try FBWA or anything else.

My question is - How does the APM handle trims in these modes? do I have to somehow re-trim while I am in autopilot assisted modes to make it fly straight?

thanks in advanced for any help!

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  • 3D Robotics

    It calibrates on the ground at startup. Are you sure the plane was level when you powered on?

    Also, did you do a hand test on the ground to ensure that the control surfaces all move in the right direction in stabilize mode?

    • Hi Chris,

      I re-leved it today before going to the field and had some great flights. Does it level everytime I power it on? I really don't have a way to place the plane level on the field.. but I went through 3 batteries and it kept on flying level in stab. 

      I did have a small issue which I'm sure it's just a setting I am not aware of. Basically in stabilize mode it tries to 'level' too aggressively when I let go of the stick.. today, with slower speed this happened, and caused a bad stall/spiral. I'm curious if there's a way to adjust:

      -how aggresively APM levels the plane

      -how far APM will limit my roll/pitch in stabilize and other assited modes (cuise/FBWA)

      thank you so much - loving APM:plane so far.


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