I just start with a project utilizing ardupilot quadcopters. I cannot utilize the terminal function in mission planner to do sonar tests. After I assembled the sensor, connect the apm board to mission planner and click 'connect' under terminal tab, the terminal window shows as following:
I didn't input anything after connect and the screen just pops up with random codes.
I use the latest v3.3 quadcopter firmware.
Another thing is that I could not monitor sonar range after I assembled the standard Max XL- EZL0 MB1240 analog sonar. In the optional hardware initialization process I see this:
3691165202?profile=originalI could not click enable for this version of firmware. I could not test sonar built-in in terminal either
Here's the latest work I've tried to fix the problem:
I downgrade the firmware to V3.01. Test sonar works in terminal for this version of firmware, but in the optional hardware initialization process I still could not click enable, nor selecting sonar type. In status bar of flight data, I always see 0 and 0 for sonar range and sonar voltage (for both versions of firmware). The sonar sensor is intact (I monitored the voltage change on Pin 3 of the sonar using oscilloscope)
If anyone who have encountered similar problem please leave a message. Thank you so much!

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  • I have the same problem after download new firmware v3.2. Runing MP 1.3.16 i will try to clear the EEPROM and start again from the beggining

    • I also had the same problem, the sonar was working .After I changed the param settings as detailed below
      I am now getting the sonar ranging in mission planner flight data which look quite accurate, however the enable sonar is still greyed out and the copter doesn't seem to respond to obstacles. There is a post on the 3dr forum saying now fixed but fails to explain how. Typical Knuckle dragger.

      • Yes, I also get the sonar reading by changing the corresponding parameters in parameter list.

        So far I am using pixhawk controller, with lidar sensor for distance measurement. This combination works very well.

  • I have the same problem, I don't find the solution. 

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