Problems with APM 2.6 and 3DR Radio.

I have a Flamewheel F550 and I am having problems setting it up. I searched online and have found no solutions.


F550 frame (hexcopter)

DJI 2212/920KV motor

10x47 Propeller


APM 2.6

3DR GPS module

Turnigy 5000mhA LiPo

Spectrum DX6i

I have very similar problems to this old thread however there are no replies:

I have to Calibrate the ESC everytime I connect the LiPo battery otherwise the motors won't get armed.

My telemetry radio is not getting connected with the APM mission planner. It is giving the error message "No heartbeat packets received." But surprisingly when i connect the battery with apm and connect 3DR with mission planner without ESC Calibration(i.e when motors are not armed but system is ON) it gets connected and works perfectly....but as soon as i follow the steps of calibration and motors gets armed the telemetry stops working and gives the above mentioned error.

When the telemetry is not connected and the ESC is armed, during takeoff it always leans to the left and fails to liftoff.

Could you please help me.


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  • The ESC's will go into throttle calibration mode again if your transmitter is sending a throttle value only a bit higher than nominal. Are you turning your transmitter on and moving all sticks to neutral before you power up the copter? Have you adjusted any transmitter trims? The telemetry not working while it's waiting for throttle calibration is expected, because the APM is in a different mode than normal. 

    So yeah, I'd put my bets on it either being your radio/receiver sending a higher than normal throttle value. When telemetry is working, have you done a radio calibration? Are the values as expected? Your throttle, when at 0, should read ~1000. At the very least it should be between 950 and 1050. You may need to adjust your trims or throttle endpoints if not. If you turn your radio off and back on, watching the inputs in mission planner, do they do anything odd? 

    Leaning to the left is probably a completely separate issue related to your accelerometer calibration or a mechanical issue. 

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