Hello, I've got a problem with APM and Raptor 50 heli

I trying to set up APM on Raptor 50 with Glow engine. I connect my JR RC control to APM next variant:

 RC                             APM

 rx                           in      out 

1 trotle(pitch) ---->     3        3      

2  ailer          ---->     1        1

3 elevator      ---->     2        2

4 rudder        ---->     4        4

my transmitter sets up in "airoplane mode"

 The essence of the problem: I don't understand how set up the swash plate. On helicopter installed 90 degrees swash plate  I tried different variants of degrees setup. For example:

servo1  90      (aileron??)

servo2  0       (elevator??)

servo3  180    (pitch??) 

ailerons works normal, but elevator and pitch mix some strange.  

 please help me....

p.s. Sorry for bad English

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The length of the name doesn't matter.  I believe that type of thing is stripped out when it's compiled.

I did some more looking around, and I'm quite sure that H1 is the proper term.  Heli guys know exactly what it means and that is what the other flight controllers are using.

It a moot now,

JLN has published a excellent experimental H1 Raptor 50 version ArduCopter v2.4xp2 (JLN mod) today see latest post. I am working with this version now.

Heli can autoland in sim!

Has he got the H1 part figured out?  I thought that HIL for Heli was sending discrete pitch/roll/throttle already to AeroSIM.  I'll have to have a look.

Yeah, I can't see any changes in heli.pde, but there is a heli_h1.pde.  I don't think it's complete enough to fly a real heli yet, but I'm not sure yet.

He has done basically the same I did, creating another frame type #defined called "Heli_H1".  

I'll try to work with what he's done an put it into a format that can be merged into the trunk.

Just for anybody who's working on this, I've got a remote clone going here:


I now have a working example of H1 heli mode in my clone.


I don't have an H1 heli to test it on, but I played with it with my CCPM heli, and it seems to be roughly correct.

After loading that in your APM, then load up MP, go to the parameters page, and set h1_swash_enabled_ to  1, then write params.  Then reboot your APM, and you should be in business.

I guess I need to close the loop on this.  Support for H1 swash type is now built in to Arducopter.  If you download 2.5 or greater, or install firmware from the Mission Planner, you will have it automatically.  You can switch between swash types using the radio button in Mission Planner under the AC2 Heli tab.

Hi Robert,

I have an H4 swashplate, I can not use APM for my helicopter?


Hah!  I knew this would happen! :)

No, you cannot yet, but I can probably do it.

Can you give me as many details about your system as possible?  Should be easy, but I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything.

Hi Robert,

the system and consists of 4 actuators. The layout is 90 degrees on the oppositeswashplate. I attach a drawing.

Ok Alberto, one of the first questions is which servo channel do you think you would like to use output from the APM?  Currently the channel assignment is thus:

Ch1-3: Swash servos

Ch4: Rudder

Ch5: Camera pitch

Ch6: Camera roll

Ch7: External Gyro Gain

Ch8: ESC Control

Would you like to give up one of those channels, or would you prefer to leave them and use Ch 10 or 11, which would mean the signal actually comes from a pin and would require a bit of soldering to hook it up.  Obviously this is less convenient, but if I try to use one of the other channels that are already assigned, that also causes headaches in the code.

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