• Link the kit

    Put the in kit specifications into the spreadsheet here to check viability. Everything is explained within it.

    If everything stays green then it will be possible to do what you ask (although it might not be easy).

    If you see yellows you are in for a fight but it is possible.

    If you see red then the components pass the flight limit of 0.15 Oz/in (67g/dm).


    Personally I wouldn't recommend using your F117 straight away as a FPV setup or a UAV as its your goal so crashing it won't be fun. Get a simple safe plane to practice flying while you build the F117 that way you might actually have a chance to control it when it goes south.

  • If I upgrade the motor and the fan my flight time will be roughly around 8-10 min.
  • The c.g is right exactly where the motor sits. Adding a stronger and heavier motor wouldn't affect flying correct?
  • It's been said before, but you're also going to want to buy a cheap durable RTF trainer like the Easy Star to get you in the air. If you already have a TX/RX then an ARF would also work.


    Imagine trying to learn to drive on a car which flips over if you go slower than 60 miles an hour.


    I don't know how familiar you are with the F-117 but you should read about what a nightmare the real thing is to fly even with fly by wire assist.



    How much modification has been made to the kit design I couldn't tell you, so it's impossible to know if the kit you have will have a similar level of difficulty. When you start adding weight to a airframe, you change it's center of gravity, so you'll have to be careful about where you put the increased payload to counteract the increased weight of the larger motor(these size/weight increases can easily snowball.


    A plane with dihedral and a center of gravity below the wings will be easy to fly and stable. If you want a UAV for photography, you want something that moves relatively slowly, which is bad news when your airframe has a high stall speed.

  • I want a strong brushless motor because I plan on adding extra electronics to it. I'm thinking off adding a camera and an auto pilot last. I need 3 servos and a 40A brushless ESC a a brushless motor. Also a 11.1V Li-Po Battery and a 4 channel rc.
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