PWM Variation Between Channel Input & Ouput

Hey Everyone, 

I am trying to understand the variation between my channel input and output values

I am using Mission Planner 1.3.30 build 1.15648.36304 and ArduCopter V3.2. When I run the Channel in and channel out on the Mission Planner > Flight Data > Quick, the throttle matches but the pwm values of the other channels also change in a non-linear fashion. Any idea why ch1in != ch1out and the input of one channel would result in the variation of another.For example,

Neutral (50% Throttle)

Channel    in       out

1              1507  1527

2              1510  1734

3              1486  1825

4              1502  1760

Roll Right (50% Throttle)

1              2015 1164

2              1510 1857

3              1486 1944

4              1502 1471


Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Developer

    because ?out is controlling motors not servos. to roll left it must increase one motor and decrease the opposite.

    • Thanks for the response. To check, the chXin is the radio inputs to the pixhawk, and the chXout is the output values for each motor after it has been calculated by the pixhawk? 

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