PX4 Multiwii

Timecop's  port  of  Multiwii to STM32  should work on the PX4  with some changes to put the mpu6000 in to I2c mode and use it as a Mpu6050 ,or a new  Multiwii driver for Mpu6000.
The latest version  of his Naze32  is using the Mpu6050, HMC5883 and  MS5611 sensors  running the ported Multiwii.

To start  I have experimented  with  many of the available boards over the last few years from the KK to the APM2.  including allinones  with  Multiwii ,  Freeflight/Naze32   with FF2  and multiwii( baseflight).

I have a APM2 setup  and a MegaPirate  on 2.8  with a 2560 board  and  Mpu6050,HMC5833,MS5611 using the Gy86 IMU.

The MegapirateNg flys very well and I  would say as good as the Apm2. I built my own Data Flash  board and added it to MegaPirateNg
I have also used Multiwii on the same setup with less impressive results. 

The Multipilot/Vrbrain  and the Arducopter32 port as best I can tell  only runs on the oilpan and analog sensors !   I can not find the page right now  but did see a  sugestion that  arducopter32 would run on the PX4  which may be possible  with an oilpan!  This same google page for the Px4  also called for a architecture discussion for development going forward.

A STM32 MPNG  using  MPU6050/6000, HMC5833,MS5611 would be a very good addition to the available options and allow the Px4 to fly  while development progresses on the new  code under rtos.

I will be playing with a STM development board  and GY86  IMU  and maybe  a PX4 and would welcome any input.







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  • I  had not looked at  Areoquad  for a while  and I see  Areoquad32  software has these sensors confiureable  and MPU6000 interface selectable  as I2c or Spi   , wouldn't  that be great on arducopter !

    So it looks like the next project will be Areoquad  with a Maple board  and the Gy86.



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