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    I haven't messed with cross GCS logs much, but I have had success with it when I tried. Here is what I recommend you do:

    * If you logs are in Mav1.0, make sure you have QGroundControl w/ Mav 1.0, likewise for 0.9. Don't try to mix-match them.

    * Locate a Mission Planner "tlog", copy it and rename it ".log"

    * In QGroundControl, go to preferences and change the GCS id to 254. Remember you have done this, because unless you know what you are doing, you cannot fly like this. 255 is the GCS id, and we are just changing it here because the tlog has both APM and Planner communications, and QGroundControl gets confused when it see's planner's mavlink data, unless you change this ID.

    * I don't know that it is required, but in preferences I also unselect "Only accept MAVs with the same protocol"

    Then hit "play" and enjoy. I don't know if it reliable, and it might crash, but I have had success replaying logs this way. 

    You *might* be able to do the same thing from the Log Plot view by renaming .tlog -> .log and .rlog -> raw, but I haven't played with it much. It crashed when I tried, and I haven't tried again or looked into it.

    On using QGroundControl, I can tell you that I have used QGroundControl with the APM. Just like Mission Planner, you need to match up the Mavlink versions. There are 0.9 releases and 1.0 releases. 

    Turn on heartbeats. I think I change some other settings too, but let me know if you cannot connect with that info. Make sure to set your QGroundControl back to an id of 255. Happy hacking. 

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