I am building a fairly large quad copter and i have been having some issues. 

I want to start out by saying that i am still a bit new to drones and RC equipment because this is only my second drone. First one being a racing drone.

The problem that i am encountering is that my trims are way out. When i try to trim the copter with the trim buttons located near the joysticks on the remote they make little difference to the copter behavior. When i arm the copter and increase throttle, the copter starts tipping to the left and will then fall over. its like what you would get if only your two right motors were spinning. 

I am using mission planner to set up my quad because it has a RCTimer Arduflyer 2.5 flight controller.

I noticed that the Rc transmitter's joystick center values are all around 1460. I don't know if it is okay to have your values that far out from 1500. I will include a picture of the mission planner page where it show the joystick values.

The components on the drone are

-Flight Controller - RCTimmer ardufyler, http://www.rctimer.com/product-818.html

-ESC - Hobbywing 40a X rotor 2-6s lipo, Quantity 4

-Motors-Multistar 3508-380KV

-Props- 17 x 5.5

-TX- Turnigy 9x

-RX- turnigy 9x 8c V2 

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