I would please like to know if anybody knows about a model of a quad for realflight v4.
I really like the idea of a quad but not if it flies anything like a chopper. Just to darn difficult...

So if anyone knows about a model or grade quad noob friendlynes, please do so... I'm scared i'll buy one and never use it..


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there is no good simulator for a quad...
try FMS there are a few quad models on the web for it
AeroSIM RC has a CyberQuad (and a Predator UAV :-D ) that you can fly.
AeroSIM RC also have support for "R & D using AeroSIM RC (for developers of autopilots, stabilizers, IMUs, etc.)"
More info here: http://www.aerosimrc.com/j/index.php/en/downloads
Cost is 65€ (about 90$) + shipping.

Also, ClearView RC Flight Simulator (http://rcflightsim.com/) has a tricopter (sorry, no quad) that you can download and fly.
You can download a demo that runs for 900 seconds. Then you have to buy it for $39.95.
The demo only allows you to try out a few of the models, but you can download the tricopter and replace the files of a "demofriendly" model (such as the AT-6 Harvard) to fly it.
More info about the sim here: http://www.clearviewrc.com/
You can find the tricopter (and some videos of it flying) here:

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