I am building my first quadcopter with the parts listed below that i had recommended.

Can i only buy the arducopter and be done with it or do i need anything else?

do i need to replace the sender\reciever to more channels? to have use for the auto hold etc?

do i need bigger motors? Anything in the list not needed when buying arducopter?

Any help and tips would be much appreciated=)

Item Description
Turnigy nano-tech 2650mah 3S 35~70C Lipo Pack
Email me when stock arrives
LED Red, Green, Blue (RGB) Strip 25cm w/Flying Lead
Email me when stock arrives
Hobbyking i86 Multi-Rotor Control Board
Email me when stock arrives
Hobbyking KK2.0 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board
Email me when stock arrives
Hobby King 2.4Ghz 4Ch Tx & Rx V2 (Mode 2)
Email me when stock arrives
Slow Fly Electric Prop 1045R SF (4 pc - Green Right Hand Rotation)
Email me when stock arrives
NTM Prop Drive 28-26 1350KV / 310W
Email me when stock arrives
Turnigy AE-25A Brushless ESC
Email me when stock arrives
Hobbyking X666 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame 666mm
Email me when stock arrives

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  • "Loiter" anywhere. Just flip the toggle switch and your copter will hold its position using its GPS and altitude sensors.
    • Automatic takeoff and landing. Just flick a switch and watch ArduCopter execute its mission completely autonomously, returning home to land by itself in front of you when it's done.

    Where are theese switches? Or where\how do i get them?=) Yes im a newbie

Please if there are anything else i need let me know, cables etc, i need everything ready to build and fly. I can not

order until im sure about all i need

ArduCopter runs on the APM, not the Hobby King control board listed in your original post. If you want ArduCopter features like loiter you'll need the APM. The kits from 3D Robotics are a great starting place.


That kit comes with the APM and everything else you need (add radio, battery, charger). If you want to use the APM on a different frame you can get the APM by itself.


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