I have just came close to completed my first build but one problem keeps beating me back. I have a problem with the ESC'/motors. I can move my throttle up to a certain level say 1250; the problem is motors one and four decrease in speed (I'm not sure if that's the right term) until it reaches 1150 then it doesn't move and two and three keep speeding up. this is only when I move the throttle once and keep it in one position. I don't know what to do. the result of this is that the drone flips on take off or flips straight after. I'm really gutted about this because its my first build.

here is some of my specs:

multistar elite 2204-2300kv

fvt littlebee 20a esc 3s 2200

mAh 75C battery

Racing F3 EVO Flight Controller

maktec pdb

Flysky fs-i6 with 2.4ghz 6 channel receiver FS-iA6B

210 frame

If you could suggest any ideas to help that would make my day. I've already calibrated the ESC's on Blheli. the only strange thing to note is in cleanflight my max value is 1850 and min 1150. 

also I could provide other pictures of cleanflight if necessary.

the pictures also show how the two (2 and 3) motors move up independent and the motors (1 and 4) move down until it reaches 1150. I haven't got Oneshot enabled.  

Thanks for any help it would be very much appreciated,


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