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Quadcopters vs Tricopters --pros and cons?

I've seen a bunch of Tricopter projects along with all the usual Quadcoptes. Can anybody explain what the advantages of a Tricopter are? I can see that it's one less motor/ESC, along with the weight that comes with that, but that's at the cost of requiring a mechanical tilting mechanism with all the accompanying complexity/vulnerability, isn't it?

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  • The tricopter ( im talking about the rcgroups/signguy-style)
    its simple, non expensive($150-200), and analogue stabilized with the gyros(no firmware/programming), collapsible/easy transport, I build mine of wood (pine) so there is easy to get materials, its possible to film between the arms, no need for CW-CCW props.
    easy to repair (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vb3HOG9LHTg)

    -more strain on each motor and propeller( the bearings takes a lot more beating)
    -not that acrobatic as a quad can be.
    -you have a mechanical part on the yaw... its easy to make, works great, but is vulnerable and weigh a lot on the tip of the arm.

    L-P Lorentzen
  • They're cheaper and the 120° spacing between arms yields some interesting camera mount options. They're also inherently more mobile. And simpler for a heli person to wrap their minds around.

    Oh and no need for CW-CCW matched props :) that's how many of the rcg tri threads got started - "can't get matched pairs around here, so I'm building a tri".
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    I think it was simplicity Chris, Adrian Eves a member here let me have a go of his, I was very very impressed.
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